An Introduction to Resin Injection

Are you suffering from damage and cracks in your concrete, brick or masonry structures? Then, you may require the help of expert resin injection services. Condor Projects Ltd has successfully undertaken many resin injection projects over the last 20 years.

This blog will look at resin injection, explaining what it is, how it works, and who might need resin injection services.

What is resin injection?

Resin injection is used to repair a variety of damaged structures. First, it helps raise or level damaged and sunken structures or foundations. It does this by injecting an expanding resin mix into the structure, filling any cracks, gaps, and voids to improve stability and structural integrity.

This can help increase the structure’s longevity and help prevent further damage, slumping, or even potential collapse.

Why choose resin injection?

There are a few options when it comes to stabilising structures, each with its benefits and limitations. For example, a similar outcome could be achieved with pressure grouting, shotcrete, rock anchors, soil nailing and dowelling.

Resin injection is best suited for stabilisation projects where soil nailing or other stabilisation methods wouldn’t be possible. This could be due to limitations in space, the type of structural damage that has occurred, or it simply wouldn’t be appropriate for the kind of structure that needs to be repaired.

Who might need resin injection?

If you require stabilisation or structural repair, it may seem confusing which type of repair is best suited for each specific situation.

Resin injection is best suited for a range of repairs, including;

● Masonry structures

● Brick structures

● Concrete structures

● Steel fabrications

● Basements, shafts, culverts, tunnels, sewers and floor slabs

● Bridges

● Carparks

● Embankments (void filling and vermin control)

Expert resin injection services at Condor Projects

We’re an international civil engineering company with nearly 30 years of experience working within the geotechnical industry. We focus on providing value, meaning the highest quality product and soil nailing service for very competitive prices.

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