Condor Update 03.05.17

Elan Valley Aqueduct, Nantmel Project – End of project update

On Thursday the 27th April at 17:00 we finally completed the last nail of the Nantmel Project 34 days after starting the drilling program on the 25th March.

During those 34 days we worked 12 hour shifts every day with 2 rigs to keep as close to the clients schedule, we only stopped one rig over the Easter long weekend to give some of our traveling team a chance to spend the long weekend with their families. The clients insisted that workers on site worked a maximum of a 13 day fortnight which proved to be essential to give our guys a well-earned rest.

Everyone worked extremely hard and by the end both the TEI and the Baby Giraffa were achieving good drilling meters.

The clients BNM Alliance and Barhale both worked well with us assisting us wherever possible to achieve our targets.

On the whole it was a very difficult but successful project where everyone worked extremely hard and achieved great results.

I would like to thank everyone who worked with us on the Condor team and to all the BNM and Barhale teams who supported and worked with us to achieve what we did.