Ensuring Safety with Crib Wall Stabilisation

A crib wall is a highly versatile type of structure that retains soil to a slope that it would otherwise move away from, creating different elevations between sections of land. They can be used anywhere that a retaining wall is required, from roadsides and driveways, to leisure facilities and green areas. This allows land to be given specific uses, such as new roads through a high-gradient area and the application of hillside farming.


Crib walls come with numerous advantages, including ease of construction, affordability, strength, and adaptability to all kinds of curves. They also offer a pleasing aesthetic, as they are capable of effectively blending into the scenery through the planting of flowers, shrubs and other greenery along their surface. However, though crib walls are strong and sturdy, over time the weight of the soil, natural movement of earth and vibrations from nearby traffic can cause them to become unstable. This poses significant threat to public safety and can greatly disrupt the smooth running of any activity taking place in the area. As a result, professional crib wall stabilisation will need to be applied to prevent the structure from shifting and eventually collapsing.


As one of the UK’s leading geotechnical engineering companies, Condor Projects specialises in crib wall stabilisation in a variety of environments. With a team of engineers trained and proficient in rock anchoring techniques, the company regularly installs effective solutions for stabilising rock slopes, excavations and tunnels. This makes Condor Projects a trusted expert when it comes to stabilising existing crib walls that have become weakened due to age, vibrations, erosion and other forms of distress.


Though there will usually be the option to dismantle a crib wall and build an entirely new one in its place, this is equally time-consuming, costly and disruptive. If the crib wall is in a busy area of land or near a bustling thoroughfare, a rebuild should only be carried out if absolutely necessary. Providing the wall hasn’t collapsed, Condor Projects can restore its original structural integrity through advanced stabilisation methods, ensuring that every section is as safe and secure as the day it was first built.


During the process of stabilising a crib wall, Condor Projects can also improve its appearance through the installation of a structural layer of galvanised mesh. Whilst further strengthening the structure, this can then be topped with a variety of greenery, achieving a natural look that complements the surroundings and achieves a genuinely pleasing appearance.


Stabilisation is a very wise move when a crib wall begins to show any signs of weakness. The earlier that Condor Projects is on site, the shorter the delivery timeframe will be and the sooner the premises or land can return to its usual flow, safe in the knowledge that every inch of the wall has been professionally secured.


If you’re interested in finding out more about crib wall stabilisation, take a look at how Condor Projects enabled Thornley Leisure Parks to open in time for the summer season through a cost-effective ground stabilisation solution.