Expert Pressure Grouting Services



Pressure grouting is the specialist application of small volumes of cementitious and resin-based grouts, which is perfectly suited to internal and hard-to-reach spaces. We carry out pressure grouting contracts around the UK on a regular basis, making us your go-to geotechnical engineers who can get the job done quickly and to the highest standard.


How does pressure grouting work?

Pressure grouting involves our skilled engineers injecting the cement-based grouts into or around masonry structures using professional equipment. This enhances the structural integrity of the stone, helping to bring stability, safety and a prolonged lifecycle to the structure.

Pressure grouting strengthens masonry by filling in cavities and stabilising any rubble concealed within the wall’s construction. As a result, the movement of solid matter is prevented and the masonry’s original strength and stability is returned.


Where can pressure grouting be applied?

As well as all types of masonry, pressure grouting is also a popular choice for when redundant spaces need safely filling in. Common examples include disused drains, sewers, manholes and voids underneath redundant bridges and subways, effectively securing a large cavity in a reliable way.


When is pressure grouting used?

Pressure grouting is often chosen when masonry has become unstable due to ground movement, erosion or simple wear and tear over the decades. In addition, it can be applied when washout and other disturbance caused by groundwater has reduced the stability and safety levels of bridges, culverts, tunnels, shafts, basements, manholes and a variety of other structures and cavities.


What does the process involve?

As with all of our projects, the geotechnical engineers here at Condor will visit your site to assess the damage or deterioration before identifying the most suitable remedy. If pressure grouting is the best solution, we bring pre-bagged cement and specialist equipment that enables us to mix the materials mechanically and deliver them directly into the masonry or cavity using powerful grout pumps.

If the project requires a different approach for any reason, we’re highly skilled at creating bespoke grout formulations that will fulfil all requirements and stand the test of time. For instance, voids with high water flows and heritage sites that need a lime-based material can easily be catered for, ensuring top results every time.


Why choose Condor Projects?

It’s crucial that you hire a geotechnical engineering specialist who can confidently fix any stability issues using a dependable system. We have decades of experience in delivering pressure grouting services on any scale, plus you will also benefit from the following factors:

  • Our pressure grouting service is designed to ensure expert precision, which means that concrete repair is always extremely accurate and of the highest calibre.
  • We can work in all kinds of conditions such as confined spaces and difficult areas thanks to our specialised machinery, unparalleled expertise and can-do attitude.
  • Our complete turnkey service involves our engineers managing all elements of the project, from design and supply through to implementation and testing.


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