Condor were asked if we could come up with a design for anchoring the newest ride at Alton Towers. Each anchor has to withstand enormous working loads, up to 225 kN in most instances.

The timescales on such a prestigious project were tight and the contract included a full geotechnical consultants design and installation package.

Condor’s specialist team of drillers installed the anchors, this was a challenging task as the ground was very uneven and surrounded by trees. In addition, large parts of the working area was flooded and the cut and cover employed for the main tunnel on the ride called for a highly compact yet manoeuvrable drilling rig.

To solve these problems, Condor Projects Ltd used a bespoke T180 Skid steer along with a drifter drilling rig specifically designed for this job to install the anchors.

The project came in on schedule and to cost.