These particular Badger setts are a network of tunnels dug into a bank that have made the ground very unstable and with the risk of collapse of the adjacent canal. British Waterways asked Condor if we could provide a solution to an ongoing threat that badgers cause to canal banks.

Before we could start we had to be sure the setts were unoccupied, this was done by putting a trap door style system to the front of each opening and was left there for about a month. Visual inspections and food were then put behind the trap door to prove that the badgers had gone.

We used a polymer grout which was injected straight into the face of the sett; this is a chemical process which is environmentally friendly.

Once full the entrance to the set was covered with mesh and filled with soil to ensure the badgers wouldn’t return.

The mixture of the grout can be controlled to make the grout thicker if required. The flow characteristics of the product, coupled with a single vehicle carrying capacity in excess of 100m3 enable us to tackle this demanding project with minimal disruption to the site and surrounding area. All equipment and materials can be mounted on 4 x4’s for use in areas with poor access and bad ground conditions.