“PRoW feedback on the replacement of Jamie’s footbridge”

Working on behalf of Balfour Beatty for North Yortkshire County Council, Condor Projects Ltd was commissioned to replace Jamie’s Wood Footbridge within a four week period at the end of the 2008/2009 financial year.

• Agreed access- immediately at the start of the programme works, the agent for the landowner raised several issues regarding access concerns made by their tenant. After discussing these with all interested parties, Condor responded to the requests of PRoW to reduce the risk of damage to the land and crops on the agreed route of access. In addition to this it was agreed to reduce the duration to two weeks. I was impressed by the direct communication provided by condor to PRoW and the positive and rapid response to changes to address the concerns raised by the tenant via the agent to the landowner. On inspection during and after the programmed work it was obvious Condor had responded to the concerns and no substantial damage had been caused to the land or crops. Condor regularly updated PRoW over this matter and the issue was managed and resolved.

• Physical access- this site was remote and intuited in mature woodland. A site compound was created near the mature woodlands but the difficulty was the restrictive nature of the trees and topography of the area. Condor devised working practices to reduce the impact and disturbance to this habitat that was a very demanding working environment. On completion, it was very difficult to identify and understand how the footbridge was installed as the damage and disturbance to the mature woodland was minimal.

• Duration of the week- initially planned for 4 weeks it was reduced to two weeks to address the concerns raised by the tenant. The work was completed in 2 weeks and 1 day. That 1 day was dues to retreat from the site. on inspection immediately after the bridge was replaced the site was clear. clean and safe. This was very impressive and I was very pleased that Condor contacted PRoW to check wether or not I had any concerns over the work and site on the successful replacement of the footbridge. PRoW had no outstanding concerns with Condor of their work.

• Quality of the work – speaking to colleagues and looking at the work myself, this is an excellent piece of work under difficult working constraints.

Condor was asked to undertake a difficult task that had further demands added just at the start of the programmed works. However, it is my opinion that Condor was successful in delivering this piece of work to a high level performance standard. – Brian Mullins, Public rights of way officer