On the instruction of British Waterways, Condor Projects were commissioned to rectify serious damage to Feakes Lock chamber wall that had resulted in serious leakage onto a neighbouring Farmers property.

The chamber wall due to age had deteriorated structurally to such an extent that critical cracks had developed almost along the full horizontal length of the wall some 30 metres in length and also a diagonal crack extending from the off side paddle chamber inlet and a number of other pissers at various points along the wall.

It was proposed to resin inject the off-side wall and install a joint system to eliminate leakage from the chamber. Traditional grout solution was felt to be inappropriate given the extent of the damage together with the prospect of extensive voids. Also a vertical joint to the off-side bottom gate recess was in a critical condition and therefore a new joint system was required.

After the chamber wall had been pressure washed 14mm holes were drilled around the damaged areas at 45 degree angles to ensure the cracks were intersected. Works were carried out from a floating pontoon. Bore packers were then installed into the holes and secured by tensioning mechanical fixing to ensure a tight fit. Using an air operated injection pump the resin was inserted into the packers at a controlled rate. The resin reacts within seconds to stop the running water, flushing it out and sealing the cracks and filling the voids regardless of volume of pressure in a matter of minutes.

Once the bore packers and temporary plugging mortar had been removed a full structural repair was carried out using concrete repair mortar.

The project was carried out within a working week whilst the canal remained “live”. Understandably passing canal boats cased logistical problems however the works were completed within the required timescale.