The basin wall having deteriorated into an unworkable condition, Condor Projects were appointed to carried out emergency works.

Serious leakage from the canal was causing a wall fear of damage to a nearby residential property as water was travelling under the towpath through the property boundary wall and fortunately as a constant flow into the drain. A traditional grouting solution would not be fit for purpose as the damage was so substantial any grout would seep straight into the canal.

Test holes drilled established that there were huge voids along the length of the wall up to two metres in height and from the air flush it was clear that this linked directly into the canal. Carefully controlled resin polyurethane was injected at appropriate intervals into holes drilled some 3 metres plus alongside the residential wall and upon entry solidified to gradually fill the voids and push the existing water leaks up and away from the residential property. The speed at which the task was completed ensured there was minimal disruption to the extensive passing foot traffic and ensured that no water damage could be caused to the residential property. In total nine metres cubed of resin was required to fill the voids and seal the wall which given the method used was carried out in a clean, efficient and environmentally friendly method.