Condor Projects was approached by May Gurney and British Waterways to carry out resin injection work on Lock 27 near Worksop, South Yorkshire.

The work carried out was to help stop water flowing behind the lock walls. Over the years as the locks have been filled and emptied and bashed around by canal traffic the water has been washing out the mortar joints on the walls creating voids for the water to wash away mud silt and sand from behind the stone work. Over time more and more voids are created. Our job was to re-point the stonework ready for resin injection using a hydraulic lime based mortar. To achieve our objective and stopping the water flowing injection ports were inserted into the stone work both horizontally coupled with drilling vertically 2m deep.

Once all the preparation was complete a Polyurethane resin was injected which upon contact with water reacts causing it to expand to 20 times the volume, this not only soaks the water helping it to expand but also pushes the water out of areas it was entering. All the drilling work carried out was to be done with accurate measurements due to existing Anchors installed when the lock had restoration work done.

The job had been completed and was a success in stopping any water flow into the stonework due to the high strength mortar and the expanding resin injection.