Condor Projects completed the drilling of the two tap holes at Port Talbot for Tata Steel (Tata) over a two day working period on 30th January 2012.

Using the bespoke Tamrock Drilling Rig coupled with our extensive previous experience in this field enable the project to be completed by the end of the weekend and in line with Tata’s requirements.

Two x 130mm holes where drilled to a depth of 5m each to enable the oxygen burners to be inserted through the tap holes to blow in the furnace after a shutdown period.

Controlled drilling using light percussion was deemed suitable in order to break the material without damaging the furnace lining. The drill rig itself was set back at a safe distance of approximately 20 metres to minimise any health and safety risks and for the first time the holes were drilled at a slight angle in accordance with Tata’s instructions. The video footage gives an indication of the extent of the work together with surrounding conditions.