Condor’s extensive drilling work for SSI UK Ltd on the blast furnace at Redcar received Royal visit from HRH Prince Charles on 24 October 2011.

During the visit, Condor’s operatives had unique access to the furnace to demonstrate the drilling operations being carried out to re-open the furnace, providing a major boost to employment and the economy of Teesside.

The drilling operation attracted major media attention being featured on both the BBC and ITV news that evening. His Royal Highness also took time out to discuss the project with the operatives, giving the venture his Royal support, showing genuine interest in the venture both at Redcar and also in Condor’s previous diverse operations, particularly in China.

The work at Redcar involves 11 staff running magnetic drills on a 24 hour basis 7 days a week, with specialist expertise and equipment being the key to meeting deadlines to enable the furnace to re-enter production and once again serve the nation. The task to complete the drilling of 1700 holes, largely of 100mm diameter has required numerous troubleshooting scenarios and the development of efficient systems demonstrating Condor’s adaptability and reinforcing their market leader status in terms of specialist drilling.

As a company Condor is particularly proud of its results in Redcar and is delighted to be major part of a regeneration programme that will provide a timely boost to the UK economy.