Flush Fitting Pattress Plates by Condor Projects Ltd

The management of Condor Projects Ltd have developed a new pattress plate for soil nailing and rock anchors.

After many years in the industry, Condor Projects Ltd was aware of a potential problem with the anchor heads when in close proximity to traffic and pedestrians.

Conventional pattress plates leave the nut exposed on the outside, allowing for hazard to passing traffic, exposure to weather and tampering.

Condor Projects Ltd new design allows for the nut to be fixed inside the plate, giving a completely flush on the outside, so there is no possibility of anyone snagging clothing etc on the nail head /nuts.

Additional benefits are that by filling the interior of the dome plate with grout etc, the bearing area onto the substrate is a perfect fit so all the load is spread evenly. This also locks the nut preventing it from coming loose and can’t tampered with. As the internal workings are also imbedded in grout and / or resin, the life will also be extended againsed corrosion.

Protected with a patent application, this new concept has been met with a positive thumbs up from a number of senior design engineers.