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Condor Projects is your trusted provider of ground stabilisation, as we provide the highest standard of soil nailing and rock anchoring. As geotechnical contractors, we also offer a variety of other services, such as shotcreting, resin injection, contaminated soil remediation, concrete repairs, diamond cutting and the reinforcement of listed bridges.


A wide-ranging portfolio

Due to the precise nature of geotechnical projects, no two jobs are ever the same. That’s why our engineers remain innovative and adaptable, ensuring that they can create tailored solutions for every problem. The results are always outstanding and help our customers to achieve numerous goals, from being able to develop land for commercial purposes, to stabilising the ground to ensure long-term safety for all.


Soil nailing vs rock anchoring

When it comes to ground stabilisation, we work with landowners, local authorities, commercial developers and a variety of other types of organisations. The most common techniques for stabilising the ground are soil nailing and rock anchoring, which each offer unique benefits. Below are the key differences between the two approaches.


Soil nailing

This is the perfect solution when stabilising roadway cut excavations, slopes and retaining walls. An even distribution of holes are drilled into the soil and steel bars fastened into them using grouting. This binds the loose areas of ground together, significantly reinforcing the slope or embankment and preventing further movement of soil caused by erosion, heavy rainfall, tree growth and vibrations from nearby traffic.

Soil nailing can be used temporarily but it’s also suitable as a long-term solution, as it effectively stops the elevation from changing shape, deteriorating and collapsing.


Rock anchoring

When you need a permanent solution right away, rock anchoring is the answer. This system of ground stabilisation can be used on rock slopes, tunnels and excavations. Similar to soil nailing, rock anchoring is applied when an area of land or slope shows signs of weakening as a result of erosion, vibrations and general destabilisation.

Rock anchoring also uses metal bars, which in this instance are called rock anchors. They’re drilled directly into stable rock and secured at the centre of the rock mass, essentially creating a series of anchors. This instantly transfers the stability of the land to the exterior surface, which is then finished off with a mesh that’s mounted to the ground and connects all of the rock anchors to one another.


Which is the best solution?

If you have an area of land or a slope that needs expert ground stabilisation, we’ll visit the site to determine which technique will bring the best outcome. Soil nailing is often quicker and more affordable, whereas rock anchoring is ideal for areas where soil nailing won’t do the trick.

Whatever the case, the team at Condor Projects is dedicated to quality, speed, affordability and ultimate levels of customer service. Choose us for ground stabilisation and you’re guaranteed to receive a geotechnical solution designed around your exact needs and objectives.


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