Ground Stabilisation Solutions for Commercial and Domestic Landowners

The ground beneath our feet can become unstable due to numerous factors, ranging from flooding and soil erosion, to the movement of rocks and rubble through vibrations from nearby traffic. If you’ve found yourself in need of ground stabilisation, Condor Projects offers a variety of geotechnical engineering services that are designed to be a cost-effective and long-term solution.


Ground stabilisation

Whether you’re scheduling work or have an emergency situation on your hands, we guarantee a fast and efficient response. Our ground stabilisation methods include soil nailing, rock anchoring and shotcreting, which each use distinct techniques and are applied according to the project’s specifications.

When we visit the site, our specialist engineers will analyse the circumstances and determine the best course of action. This ensures that the most suitable system is recommended for the task at hand, with effective stabilisation guaranteed. This means that the problem isn’t just solved for the time being, as the system will bring ongoing ground stabilisation and slope stabilisation for many years to come.


Embankment stabilisation

As with other areas of land, slopes and embankments can become unstable if the proper precautions aren’t in place. Flooding is a particularly common cause of a slope losing its integrity, which can pose a very real threat to the surrounding environment. From damage to property and land, to areas becoming inaccessible and hazardous, an unstable slope needs to be rectified as a matter of urgency.

Our engineers take safety very seriously, which is why everything they do is focused on fixing issues in the most thorough way possible. Choosing a fitting solution from a range of embankment stabilisation options, their problem-solving skills are second to none. For instance, it could be that the area is composed of difficult terrain and confined spaces, or perhaps there’s a motorway or another traffic route nearby. Whatever the case, we have the capability, expertise and attention to detail required to carry out the ground stabilisation project whilst causing minimal or even zero disruption.


Your trusted ground stabilisation contractors

With three decades in the ground stabilisation sector, we’re one of the UK’s leading geotechnical engineering firms. All of our engineers are highly skilled specialists with vast experience in drilling and ground stabilisation practices, combined with an unwavering commitment to the highest calibre of work, public safety and ongoing research. This ensures that we remain at the top of our game, supplying the most innovative, timely and affordable slope stabilisation solutions for commercial and domestic landowners across the UK.

We’ve worked on everything from the protecting of canals to strengthening listed bridges. Put simply, we can step up to any challenge, no matter how large, small, niche or just plain tricky.


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