How Do Mechanical Earth Anchors Work?

As your trusted, versatile and highly experienced geotechnical specialists, the engineers here at Condor Projects use a range of techniques for stabilising land and structures. When it comes to existing crib walls that have seen better days, we can return the structure to its former glory so that you don’t need to have it demolished and replaced. We achieve this through customised mechanical earth anchors that are manufactured right here in our own workshop in Selby.


Perfect for all kinds of crib wall stabilisation

Whether your crib wall is beside a busy motorway, part of your agricultural site or located on land that’s designated for private or public use, we can restabilise it using the highest standard of mechanical earth anchors. This clever system is specifically designed to negate the active ground pressures that can significantly reduce the integrity of a crib wall, which lead to it becoming precarious or even downright dangerous.


How do mechanical earth anchors work?

Over the years we’ve fine-tuned the installation of mechanical earth anchors to make it extremely fast, hassle-free and cost-effective. Our geotechnical engineers follow a clear and logical process:

  • We visit your site to determine how deep the anchors need to be placed.
  • Having acquired the relevant data, our engineers manufacture bespoke earth anchors in our workshop to exact specifications.
  • The anchors will be made from either mild steel with a galvanised coating or fully stainless steel, depending on which we believe will bring maximum results.
  • We visit your site again to drive the anchors into the ground at the precise depth required, with minimal disruption to the surroundings.
  • A tensile load is applied to the tendon, causing it to rotate the anchor and lock it firmly into place.
  • The exposed end is sealed into position and the crib wall is now stabilised.


A long-term eco-friendly solution

Due to mechanical earth anchors using a completely dry system with no need for grouting, they’re also an environmentally friendly method of ground stabilisation. On top of this, our anchors are designed to last either 60 or 120 years, which brings even greater peace of mind that you’re choosing a long-term solution.


Ground stabilisation by Condor Projects


As well as reinforcing crib walls using mechanical earth anchors, Condor Projects can also stabilise unsteady ground and embankments using methods that bring outstanding results. Our services can be applied to all kinds of land and structures, including telephone masts, trees and marquees that require a helping hand to remain safe and sturdy.

You can also rest assured that we customise our ground stabilisation services to each project, ensuring that you receive a solution that’s tailored to your unique requirements. This means that everything we deliver is guaranteed to bring exceptional performance for many years to come and a strong return on investment from day one.


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