IRATA Rope Access Training

Happy New Year! Condor Projects are hoping you all had a good albeit quiet holiday season and are ready to get back into the swing of things. We are gearing up for an exciting start to 2021 as we have procured a contract to stabilise the west bank of Lincoln Castle after a recent slip in the slope.

The slope has a steep incline so therefore Condor Projects deemed it necessary for our operatives to be trained for rope access to ensure that the team and public are kept as safe as possible while the work is carried out.

The course that best suited Condor Projects needs was the IRATA rope access training, this course aimed to give our operatives the knowledge and expertise needed to work on a steep slope. The course covered;

  • Descending and ascending using a rope and backup rope
  • Basic hauling and lowering systems
  • Basic rescue techniques
  • Introduction to knots and rigging of ropes
  • Fitting and function of equipment in regards to rope access
  • Inspection, documentation and maintenance of equipment

The team all put in an excellent effort over the week it took to complete the course and Condor is happy to announce that all operatives passed with flying colours.
Condor Projects is due to begin work at Lincoln Castle in early February.