Lincoln Castle West Bank Stabilisation

After strengthening the lower retaining wall, Condor Projects have started work on stabilising the slope of the West Bank. This is the critical section of the works and because of difficult working conditions due to the steep incline, Condor Projects had to develop a unique drilling rig to allow safe installation of our bespoke mechanical anchors.

The drilling rig comprises of two sections, the chassis and the mast which holds the hammer drill. The chassis is a stabilised steel frame which is attached to an electric winch, which allows for easy and safe movement up and down the slope. The mast is controlled by a powered crank on the chassis. This allows the operatives to adjust the angle of insertion of the anchors.

The first job for Condor was to install a series of winch points along the top of the slope next to the castle wall, this was done by accessing the bottom of the castle wall via a shallower gradient slope on the south side of the castle.

A guide line had been installed onto the castle wall itself by our IRATA level 3 supervisor who is on site to assist Condor Projects and ensure safe working practice by all operatives. The first of the slope mechanical anchors have been installed this week, Condor Projects is on course to complete this arduous project on time.

Condor Projects excel in these situations due to our out-the-box approach to difficult stabilisation projects and years of experience having to solve unique engineering problems.

Keep an eye out for more exciting progress updates.