With over twenty years industry experience Condor Projects continues to provide expertise and reassurance in all areas of concrete repair.

Offering best value concrete repair solutions over the life of an asset encompassing whole life costing and crucially attention to client requirements, this continues to be a major part of Condor’s ability to offer clients’ total solutions.

In terms of both structural support and concrete restoration Condor can assist in corrosion control, concrete waterproofing, providing protective coatings and floor coatings. Condor’s innovative approach also has led to works being undertaken in areas with difficult access and at particularly short notice.

Many of our clients have suffered with corrosion from years of contact with acids, air, chlorides and particularly water and in older structures having suffered due to cracking entering structures at a faster rate, therefore reaching the reinforcing steel quicker. Generally areas of water are isolated to prevent future further corrosion, old concrete is removed where necessary and replaced in order to strengthen and stabilise the structure. Often this dovetails with our specialist drilling and anchoring services.

Each project is assessed on its own requirements and Condor is equally specialist in both dry spray Gunite concreting and wet spray Shotcreting.