Unlike soil nails and rock bolts which act in tension, dowels act purely in shear. Dowels are not stressed and are passive until there is movement in the base material. Dowels are also used extensively to ensure structures are fixed securely to the base material.

Condor Projects have completed a number of successful projects ranging from fixing down spillways at the base of dams and reservoirs to pining down flood overflow tanks to prevent groundwater causing the tanks to ‘float’.

Condor Projects have a range of specialized and custom-built equipment for access on difficult sites, especially where scaffolding or benching may be impractical or too expensive. Condor Projects have installed the full range of dowels, from mild steel for cheapness in a temporary situation to GRP and stainless steel bar to increase longevity.

Top Image – ETM file – drilling rig mounted to skid steel for manoeuvrability. The working area was extremely confined and mobility was critical. Condor Projects successfully pinning down one of the main overflow tanks for Sheffield using stainless steel fixings.