Condor Projects Ltd is now ranked amongst the world’s leading specialists in drilling blast furnaces for the production of iron.

With over more than 25 years experience in working on steel making plants around the world, Condor Projects Ltd can carry out the drilling of holes from 10 mm diameter for the insertion of thermocouples to 300 mm diameter tapholes to 5 metres or deeper. Condor Projects Ltd is the only remaining UK company and one of the few companies in the world to successfully drill the ‘salamander taps’, a hole drilled remotely upwards from the base of a furnace into the molten iron to allow the furnace to drain.

With an international reputation, Condor Projects Ltd has secured contracts for the drilling of blast furnaces around the world, from the UK to Bulgaria and China. With over 25 successful international contracts completed to date, Condor Projects Ltd has orders for more projects, running up to 2014.