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Structural support for unstable rock slopes delivered nationwide.

Rock anchoring provides a wide range of long-term solutions for ground stabilisation, stabilising rock slopes, excavations and tunnels. Condor Projects use standard rock anchors, as well as Spade and Sock anchors to fix a range of issues including extensive weakening and loose ground.

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What is Rock Anchoring?

The aim of rock anchoring is to improve the stability and safety of a rock slope or excavation using metal bars called rock anchors. The long rock anchors or rock bolts are drilled into the stable rock in the centre of the rock mass, transferring that stability to the exterior surface. Mesh is then mounted to the surface, connecting the rock anchors.

Condor Projects uses both hand-held and rig-mounted equipment to suit the specific situation. It has a range of options for reaching the required depth, and several fixing options from grout to specialist resins. In environments where corrosion is likely, Condor Projects uses stainless steel or GRP bolts with a design lift of up to 120 years.

A rock bolt is made up from hollow drill steels and sacrificial drilling bits. During drilling, grout is pumped through the centre of the drill steel and flushes any debris from the hole. Once at its required length, the drill string is cut and becomes the anchor. This is particularly ideal for poor ground conditions where ‘open-hole’ drilling is unlikely to succeed.

Other solutions from Condor Projects include the use of spade or sock anchors. Spade anchors consist of an anchor head attached to a flexible steel tendon or bar. The anchor head is driven into the ground to the required depth and the tendon stressed, causing the anchor head to rotate through 90° and ‘load lock’.

Sock anchors consist of a solid or hollow steel bar inside a fabric sock and are used in areas where the rock is heavily fissured. As the grout is pumped into the ‘sock’, the sock deforms to the shape of the fissure.

With our own qualified geotechnical engineers, Condor Projects can offer the full solution to bolting, from design to installation and testing regulatory standards.

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Rock Anchoring from Condor Projects provides a wide range of solutions to prevent instability in rock slopes, excavations and tunnels.

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Rock Anchor Projects

Jackson’s Civil Engineering

Condor Projects Ltd have been working at speed to complete over 4500 metres of soil nailing for Jackson’s Civil Engineering on behalf of Calderdale Council. With 30 years of experience, the management team at Condor Projects Ltd have been able to redesign the nailing to allow the drilling to move ahead of programme despite the site difficulties.

Llanfoist Emergency embankment stabilisation works

Following excessive weather conditions in South Wales, Condor received an emergency call out to attend to a major embankment slippage away from the Monmouth and Brecon Canal towpath at Llanfoist.

Ovington Bridge, County Durham

A two day project to stabilise this important bridge was undertaken by Condor Projects on behalf of Durham County Council using a specialist rig to reinforce the bridge with soil nails.