As a leading exponent of soil nailing, Condor Projects can offer a one stop shop and provide solutions to unstable ground conditions. With their own geotechnical and design engineer, Condor Projects can off a one stop shop, from design, supply, installation and testing for stabilization projects.

The objective of soil nailing is to improve the insitu mass by the installation of slender unstressed solid or hollow bars, which acts to tension the existing base material. Soil nails are usually steel bar, grouted into pre-drilled holes, but Condor Projects also have experience with stainless steel and GRP to achieve a design life of 120 years.

Soil nails bind the existing slope together so that the mass strength is utilized. When close spaced, the soil nails form a monolithic block which acts as a retaining structure. Simple and quick to install, and cheaper than external structural solutions such as retaining walls, soil nails cause minimal disturbance to the existing slope.

Soil nails are normally installed in conjunction with dressing of the slope surface, using netting, hydraseeding, seeded geotextiles or shotcreting. Once installed and grouted, usually a nominal 10% of the soil nails are tested to their design load following procedures laid down in BS8081.