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Soil nailing is used to provide cost-effective short or long-term ground stabilisation for roadway cut excavations, slope stabilisation or retaining wall support. Condor Projects can manage all elements of bank stabilisation projects including, design, supply, installation and testing.

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What is Soil Nailing?

Soil nails are used to provide cost-effective short and long-term ground stabilisation for roadway cut excavations, slope stabilisation or retaining wall support. Condor Projects can manage all elements of soil nailing projects including, design, supply, installation and testing. The process is used to stabilise and add reinforcement to steep slopes and embankments. They provide an alterantive to rock anchors that are used for stabilising rock slopes. This will ensure they are secure and safe from becoming misshapen or even collapsing requiring emergency stabilisation.

How Soil Nailing Works

The aim is to improve the stability of in-situ mass using large metal bars. Typically the soil nails are usually steel bars, grouted into pre-drilled holes in the slope. 

Soil nails bind the existing slope together. When closely spaced, the soil nails form a block, which acts as a retaining structure. Soil nails cause minimal disturbance to the existing slope, are quick to install, and cheaper than external structural solutions such as retaining walls. Once installed and grouted, around 10% of the nails are usually tested to ensure they meet their design load following regulatory procedures.

For a more detailed look at the soil nailing process, you can find out soil nailing guides here.

Where we can work

With our wide range of custom and specialist built tools, machines and drill rigs, we’re able to carry out soil nailing in almost any location. Soil nails are normally installed alongside a slope surface, such as netting, hydroseeding, seeded geotextiles or shotcreting for future erosion control and surface protection.

No matter how difficult the conditions are, such as by motorways or busy highly populated areas, we’re able to safely and efficiently carry out our work.

Who we work with

At Condor Projects, we work with any sized business from small to international. You can see just some of our recent soil nailing projects by selecting a link below;

Why choose Condor for your soil nailing project

Working with an expert soil nailing company and professional geotechnical drilling company, you’ll benefit from;

  • Quick installation – other methods such as ground anchors, although necessary for certain jobs, take much more time to build and install. Nails can be rapidly installed and are therefore perfect for emergency situations.
  • Ability to work in difficult conditions – as we have a wide range of bespoke and specialised machinery, we’re able to work in confined spaces or locations that other contractors simply are not equipped to work within.
  • Complete turnkey service – we manage all elements of the project including design, supply, installation and testing.
  • Condor Projects have extensive experience with stainless steel and GRP to achieve a design life of 120 years.

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We’re expert geotechnical consultants with nearly 30 years of experience working within the geotechnical industry. We have a real focus on providing value, meaning the highest quality product and soil nailing, resin injectionpressure grouting concrete repair and more services for very competitive prices. 

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Soil Nailing Projects

Jackson’s Civil Engineering

Condor Projects Ltd have been working at speed to complete over 4500 metres of soil nailing for Jackson’s Civil Engineering on behalf of Calderdale Council. With 30 years of experience, the management team at Condor Projects Ltd have been able to redesign the nailing to allow the drilling to move ahead of programme despite the site difficulties.

Llanfoist Emergency embankment stabilisation works

Following excessive weather conditions in South Wales, Condor received an emergency call out to attend to a major embankment slippage away from the Monmouth and Brecon Canal towpath at Llanfoist.

Ovington Bridge, County Durham

A two day project to stabilise this important bridge was undertaken by Condor Projects on behalf of Durham County Council using a specialist rig to reinforce the bridge with soil nails.