Jackson’s Civil Engineering

As Christmas approaches, Condor Projects Ltd are working at full speed trying to complete a major soil nailing operation ahead of schedule. Despite many unforeseen ground conditions such as [...]

Spillway and Reservoir Repairs

Work on the reservoir spillways are essential so they can continue to protect the infrastructure from water erosion. Dating from the Victorian era, the joints between the stone sets deteriorate [...]


Ongoing maintenance and restoration of canals British Waterways have an ongoing program of maintenance for existing canals and a restoration program for closed sections of the network. Across a [...]


Following heavy flooding, a section of bank side between the house and the canal had collapsed, undermining the stability of the foundations of the house. As British Waterways own the land, they [...]

East Marton – Highways Department

Condor Projects completed another successful soil nailing contract for the Highways Department at North Yorkshire. Working in a compact area the wall of the road bridge over the Leeds to [...]

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