Alton College

Condor Projects has recently completed a design and build scheme at Alton College in Hampshire. The College had a problem with 2 areas of timber retaining walls 160min length that had started to fail due to the timber decaying. The failing walls were next to student classrooms and surrounding the art department. Due to the limited access that we had to work in we had to fabricate a new attachment for or Husqvarna DXR310 to fit in the 1.9m working area. We came up with an alternative scheme to the first one that was proposed at nearly half the cost. This involved the removal of the failing timber in sections and installation of bespoke mechanical anchors designed and manufactured in house by our Engineers. Once the anchors where installed the face was covered in structural mesh and the entire areas was spray concrete finished.

The project was undertaken in difficult times due to the covid-19 pandemic and had to be planned as not to delay the project but also make the retaining wall structurally sound within the national lockdown period.

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