In December 2019, Condor Projects Ltd was contacted by Thornley Leisure Parks regarding the collapse of a crib retaining wall.

The wall had been constructed approximately 10 years ago and was showing severe signs of distress. Initially, the option was to dismantle the wall. However, with the level of disruption, this would cause, along with the huge costs of the rebuild, plan B was needed!

Ground stabilisation specialists, Condor Projects Ltd found a cost-effective, simple and fast solution by designing a special mechanical ground anchor. Locking the collapsing crib wall behind a structural layer of galvanised mesh and completing the work with a cosmetically pleasing green wall.

Crib Wall - Thornley Leisure Park


Due to the limited working area, Condor Projects Ltd designed and built a bespoke machine to install the anchors without disrupting the rest of the park, and with our own jacking system, preloaded each anchor to a working load of 10 tonnes.


Crib Wall - Thornley Leisure Park


The huge structure, over 65 metres long and 4 metres high was completed in under 4 weeks and allowed the park to open in time for the summer season.


Crib Wall - Thornley Leisure Park


It was a tough project for everyone involved, however, we are proud to have been able to take on the challenge and successfully deliver a permanent working solution.


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