The resin injection works at Logic Leeds has been completed. Condor Projects has resin injected over 50 different areas of the existing floor slab which showed signs of being voided from a GPR scan.

We used Carbopur WF resin supplied by Minova Barnsley throughout the project. The resin had to be viscous enough to penetrate the smallest of voids detected whilst having the strength for the specifications of the floor. Condor Projects also had to ensure the resin had quick curing times due to the rescanning of the floor over the voided areas. This was to ensure that all the voids had been completely filled to the client’s specification and satisfaction.

The voided areas had to be drilled on a 150mm grid formation to guarantee that all the voided areas were filled correctly. These holes were then fitted with 10mm injection packers that in turn connected to the resin injection pump.

To date, the total amount of resin that has been injected is over 1000kg through hundreds of injection packers. The areas that have been rescanned and have all passed with only a few needing more resin to ensure that they are completely filled. The whole project has been done with multiple visits due to the availability of the GPR machine.


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