Condor projects were awarded the contract to install masonry anchors through the existing bridge arch on Vardon Bridge.

This was done by coring the upstream side of the structure using a Turmag drill to the depth of 6m. The downstream side was drilled to a depth of 4.5m, this was done so that cracks that had developed over time could be intercepted. Once the drilling had been completed the cored holes were filled with thixotropic grout and masonry fibre glass anchors installed. The anchors’ holes are then plugged using the first 50mm of each core, this results in an anchor installation that is hardly noticeable but extremely strong perfect for listed structures like Vardon Bridge.

The whole structure was then drilled from the carriageway for grout injection using 303 rock drills and G10 grout injected into the structure filling any voids. The project was completed successfully on time, strengthening Vardon Bridge for many more years to come.

Vardon Bridge Wilmslow


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