In June 2011, Condor Projects Ltd was contracted by the National Trust to help with the support and stabilisation of the boundary walls to the Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire.

Initially, we supplied Duckbill galvanised MR-3 anchors, but following in-situ site tests, bedrock required the change to a rock anchor and grout option.

We also installed Duckbill MR-88 anchor drains at 3 metre intervals to relieve any hydrostatic pressure behind the wall.

Due to the position of the wall and the close proximity of the footpath, the use of a conventional pat-tress plate with a protruding nut and washer could have caused an obstruction to any passing pedestrians.

The solution designed by Condor Projects Ltd was to reverse engineer the plates, allowing the fixings to be fixed to the underside of the pat-tress plate, leaving a smooth surface.

The end result was an aesthetically pleasing and practical solution, receiving the approval of both the National Trust Building Surveyor and their Consulting Structural Engineer.

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