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At Condor Projects, we’re able to provide world-class ground stabilisation to suit any project. Our bespoke tools and slope stabilisation equipment allow us to carry out work on even the most difficult terrain in a quick and efficient manner. We’re able to provide support in emergency stabilisation situations as well as for scheduled work. With a focus on providing unbeatable quality at the highest value possible, Condor Projects are the right specialist contractors for your business.

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Rock Anchoring Ground

  • Emergency or scheduled solutions
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  • Expertise and equipment to work on any project
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  • Able to provide SSSTS qualified workers
  • Received multiple DTI Innovation Awards
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What is ground stabilisation?

Ground stabilisation is the process of securing a slope or embankment to ensure the soil or rock, does not become unstable and liable to movement or in worst-case scenarios, structure failure. This can be done in a variety of ways including;

Soil Nailing Stabilisation

How ground stabilisation works

With our extensive range of bespoke machinery, we’re able to carry out a variety of different methods of slope stabilisation. Each method is suited to individual types of work, we’ll be able to identify which is best for you and provide a full turnkey solution.

  • Soil nailing – one of the most common methods and involves drilling large steel rods into the side of the slope and covering with a slope stabilisation mesh to create a secure mass.
  • Rock anchoring – used to stabilise things such as cliff edges and deep ground rock. This is done by drilling large metal bars, called rock anchors, deep into the centre of the mass where it can gain security. This stability is then spread across the rock exterior through the use of several other rock anchors connected with a strong mesh.
  • Shotcreting – this method of securing a slope involves the use of a high-pressure nozzle to spray concrete at supporting steel meshes to create a strong retaining wall or structure to hold the mass in place.

Who might need a ground stabilisation contractor?

We’re able to provide slope stabilisation on almost any scale through the use of our bespoke machinery and systems. This means we can provide our services to smaller projects, such as embankment stabilisation outside a house or business premise, all the way up to nationwide company projects.

Some of the most common types of companies we work for are highway maintenance and Network Rail. This is because, throughout the process of maintaining or expanding our road and rail networks, there are plenty of places in which ground stabilisation companies are necessary to ensure public safety and structural security. This is often for slopes by the sides of motorways or railways.

Why choose Condor Projects

  • Bespoke solutions – we’re able to provide ground stabilisation solutions to any business in any circumstance. With years of expertise and specialist machinery, there’s no job we can’t handle.
  • First-class value – we take pride in providing the most valuable services focusing on excellent quality at a competitive price.
  • Full turnkey service – we provide a full turnkey service, so you can rely on us to complete your project from start to finish without any delays.

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