An Introduction To Our Services

As ground stabilisation specialists, we help commercial contractors and private landowners around the UK to keep outdoor areas safe and stable. Whilst this is one of the main focuses for our geotechnical engineers, we also provide multiple specialist services for when unique or relatively rare problems arise.

Below is information on five of these services, with many more available for when you need a dependable and affordable solution.


Listed bridges

There are countless bridges across the country that have received listed status due to their historical importance, and many are still in use to this day. As a result of increased traffic and heavier vehicle loads, some listed bridges are beginning to weaken, posing a risk to public safety.

Working with Jacobs, we’ve created a suitable system for reinforcing the arches of a listed bridge using GRP anchors and a specialised thixotropic grout, which adapts to subsequent changes in the bridge’s structure. We can also provide stone repairs and pointing work, which keeps the bridge looking fantastic in line with its original aesthetic.



We regularly work on canal towpaths to retain their structural stability. Due to tight restrictions in terms of size and weight, we’ve developed a system that enables us to deliver these types of projects without causing damage. The result is a canal towpath that doesn’t allow water to track through the ground and affect the accessibility and safety of footpaths, simultaneously strengthening the canal itself.

Working closely with the Canal & River Trust, we’ve even developed our own waterproof grout that achieves top results every time.


Canal lock repairs

The ongoing maintenance and speedy repair of canal locks is imperative, as failing to do so will lead to the canal becoming dangerous or even collapsing. Techniques that are involved range from pressure pointing and brick replacement, all the way to the reconstruction of stone banks and approach walls, the drilling and grouting of chambers, walls and floors, and any other extensive work required to save a canal from dereliction.

Thanks to our unique portable coffer dam, we can carry out maintenance and repair work without the canal being emptied. This significantly speeds up the process whilst minimising cost and disruption.



When it comes to slope stabilisation, there’s the option to use gabion baskets and mattresses. These can be applied when the slope is above or below a road or railway, with the installation process taking very little time.

Gabions can also be designed to complement the area’s natural scenery and are a highly affordable solution, all while preventing washout and erosion.


Boundary walls

Sometimes the most conventional approach isn’t the right option, as it may come with restrictions or cause obstructions to public access. A prime example is when the National Trust hired us to help with the support and stabilisation of the existing boundary walls to the Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire.

Having analysed the site, we decided that a rock and anchor grout system was the best way to solve the problem. The system included anchor drains to relieve any hydrostatic pressure behind the wall, as well as reverse engineering the plates so that the fixings could be placed on the underside, resulting in a smooth finish.

An effective long-term solution, we were very pleased to receive the approval of the National Trust’s Building Surveyor and their Consulting Structural Engineer, reflecting the suitability and effectiveness of our tailored response to a serious issue.


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