Versatile Geotechnical Engineering Services

Over the years, Condor Projects has established itself as the go-to geotechnical engineering supplier for businesses, organisations and landowners across the UK. We work with everything from commercial developers to local authorities, helping them to make the most of their land by ensuring endurance and adaptability.

As well as ground stabilisation techniques such as rock anchoring and soil nailing, we offer a wide range of specialist services that keep outdoor spaces safe. Our team members have been working in multiple areas of geotechnical engineering for a very long time, which has enabled them to streamline processes whilst guaranteeing top results.

Below are some of the specialist areas that we focus on, which can be applied to all kinds of outdoor spaces with minimal or even zero disruption.


Grouting and Resin Injection

Grouts and resins are often used for stabilisation, such as filling voids and  securing unstable beds. Resin injection in particular has become an extremely popular option, as it comes with multiple methods and materials to choose from according to the exact needs of the project.

All of the materials we use are from trusted suppliers and include epoxy-based resins, aqua-reactive polyurethane resins, acrylic resin grouts and cementitious materials. These are used to repair and reinforce structures made from brick, concrete and masonry, as well as fortify steel fabrications, bridges, car parks, sewers and many other environments.

Resin injection is also perfect for vermin control and the prevention of water ingress, such as in the case of basements, tunnels, manholes, sea defences, aqueducts, canal locks and manholes.


Highway Bridges

We pride ourselves on being capable of working smoothly with all kinds of clients, which has resulted in Condor Projects collaborating with county councils, major civil engineering organisations, building companies and private landowners.

Highway bridges and railway bridges are a common focus area, as the age, volume of usage and accumulated stress applied to bridges often lead to them showing signs of weakening. Many of these are regular bridges that can be tackled using commonplace techniques, like grouting, underpinning and general stabilisation. However, sometimes it will be a listed stone bridge that needs saving, in which case we apply a suitable methodology as a means of protecting the structure and hiding our work from the naked eye.



When you choose Condor Projects, you gain the peace of mind that genuine experts are on the job. All of our engineers hold a valid CSCS card and know how to work in confined spaces, plus they’re fully trained and experienced carrying out work beneath roads and railways. Safety is our top priority, so you never have to worry about a project in an underpass contravening health and safety regulations.

By applying anchoring, pointing and shotcreting, we’ll refurbish and protect the walls and soffits of the underpass very quickly and without disrupting the flow of traffic above. It’s a fast, simple, effective and affordable solution.


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