Welcome to Condor Projects Ltd, a specialist sub contractor to the civil engineering industry with over 30 years experience. We always welcome new clients. Call us or send an email with your enquiry for an immediate response.



Martyn Wiseman, Managing Director. Condor Projects Ltd.

Martyn Wiseman was born and raised on a mining camp in Zambia, Central Africa. After leaving Camborne School of Mines, Martyn joined a drilling company in 1982 before setting up his own company in 1986. Martyn is married with five children and has a passion for flying unusual small aircraft.

Martyn can be reached 24 hours a day on 07710 386530.


John ‘The Greek’ Lachanudis.

Jon has day to day conduct of all technical aspects relating to Condor’s work. He can offer the benefit of his extensive experience to clients from initial contact through to completion and on many occasions offer alternative solutions saving both time and cost for the client.

Jon is somewhat unique in that he splits his time between costing and advising on projects from the office to being ‘hands on’ on site overseeing drilling operations and offering advice and solutions first hand to improve efficiency whilst resolving any issues on the spot.

John can be reached 24 hours a day on 07875 367835.


Simon Shaw

With a remit to manage office operations combined with ‘face to face’ attendance with clients, Simon is able to relate with full insight to specific job requirements and offers an element of business experience not generally found in the industry. Having previously been involved in the legal profession in Contract Law and Commercial Disputes he brings unique experience to Condor. Condor pride themselves on not only being efficient and effective on site but also in handling enquiries and customer queries within the office seeking to offer quick solutions and advice to benefit the client.