The most important philosophy within Condor Projects Ltd is our belief in Value Engineering.

Condor Projects Ltd adopts a systematic approach to improve the “value” of our services by using an examination of the project or task.

Our intention on every job is to increase the value to our client by either improving the end product of service or reducing the cost.

It is our belief that in our value engineering approach, the basic service is maintained and not be reduced as a consequence of pursuing value improvements.

To achieve this, for all projects, contracts and enquiries, we follow a structured thought process that is based on performance. By working at an early stage with the client and using basic and the analysis of the work we are being asked to complete, we can then clearly decide upon which alternative solution is most appropriate.

To achieve this, Condor Projects Ltd will follow four basic steps in the job plan:

1. Information gathering – This asks what the requirements are for the project / job and we need to determine what must we achieve, what is it supposed to do, what aesthetics must we achieve?
2. Alternative approach – Are there any or various alternative ways of meeting requirements? What else will perform the desired results?
3. Evaluation – How will any alternative solutions meet the required results and how great will the cost savings be.
4. Presentation – Finally, we would select the best alternative and presented to the client for final decision.