Why is Ground Stabilisation the Best Solution?

The team of specialist geotechnical contractors here at Condor Projects deliver ground stabilisation solutions on a daily basis across the UK. Using techniques that include soil nailing, rock anchoring and resin injection, we guarantee a fast, affordable and highly effective outcome that will keep your land stable, safe and accessible.

There are multiple benefits to ground stabilisation over alternative options, which we’ve rounded up and listed below. This will help you to make an informed decision when choosing a technique for stabilising your site or embankment.


A cost-effective process

Let’s start with the factor that always puts a client’s mind at ease: ground stabilisation by Condor Projects is much more affordable than digging up, redistributing, removing and replacing the native soil.


A fast process

Due to the efficient nature of ground stabilisation techniques such as soil nailing and rock anchoring, our ground stabilisation services significantly reduce the lead time when compared to other approaches. This is because aside from our engineers knowing exactly how to tackle any challenge, the process itself doesn’t require lengthy site preparation and the ordering of new aggregates.


Achievable all year round

Ground stabilisation can be delivered at any time of year, even during the wet, windy and chilly British winter. This means that you don’t have to delay a crucial project simply because the weather isn’t pleasant.


An environmentally friendly solution

If you were to instead hire a company to remove existing soil and replace it with imported materials, you’d require multiple vehicles accessing the site throughout an extended period. This could damage the area’s ecosystem, as well as result in noise pollution, traffic congestion and vehicle fumes that would annoy anyone living in or accessing the area. Ground stabilisation is different, as all of the above is greatly reduced and the environmental impact is minimal.


Reduce waste

Adding to the eco-friendly benefits, stabilising existing soil and rock is the best option because nothing goes to waste. There simply isn’t any need to remove the material when it can be strengthened and stabilised using clever geotechnical engineering techniques.


Say no to landfill

Though modern recycling centres do an excellent job of repurposing materials, the ideal scenario would be to not require their services during a ground stabilisation project. That’s why Condor Projects uses the existing soil and improves its structure through a variety of ground stabilisation methods. Whilst this makes the entire project more efficient, it also removes the need to take soil and aggregate to a facility, saving on landfill tax and unnecessary transportation.


Long-term results

Our team of experts help landowners and businesses to achieve a variety of visions, from embankment stabilisation to the protecting of listed bridges. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable solutions that will remain effective for a very long time to come, making us the logical choice no matter what the size and nature of your ground stabilisation requirements.


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