The geotechnical engineers at Condor Engineering deliver a wide range of services to clients across the UK. Crib wall stabilisation is a service that’s in particularly high demand, as it prevents a crib wall from shifting position and eventually collapsing. 
One of our recent crib wall stabilisation projects involved stabilising a section of retaining crib wall that had begun to decay. This structure was located on the land of McCarthy & Stone, a leading developer and manager of retirement communities. The crib wall surrounded the back entrance to four flats that formed part of one of their care homes, posing a very real risk to the safety of residents, staff and visitors. 
A Bespoke Solution 
McCarthy & Stone approached Condor Engineering and asked us to visit the premises to carry out professional analysis. After careful examination it was decided that installation of mechanical anchors would be the best solution. These anchors are fabricated in our own workshop in Selby by our team of engineers, allowing us to tailor them to the exact needs of the project at hand. 
Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we take into account the individual job’s ground conditions and loadings, then manufacture the anchors out of either mild steel with a galvanised coating or fully stainless steel. 
Attractive Finish 
Having created mechanical earth anchors for McCarthy & Stone, we then installed and loaded them on the care home site. This was followed by the crib wall being meshed and plated in order to ensure the highest levels of solidity and safety. 
We’re also able to enhance the appearance of many of our ground stabilisation solutions, with this particular project involving an aesthetically pleasing finish. To achieve this, Condor created a new gabion wall along the mesh. Aside from further strengthening the crib wall, the gabion also provides an attractive look that perfectly complements the peaceful surroundings of the care home facility. 
A Cost-Effective Solution 
As well as being a fast, effective and reliable service, crib wall stabilisation by Condor Engineering is also a very affordable option that brings a strong return on investment. In the vast majority of cases we can save an existing wall through stabilisation techniques, rather than having to demolish it and build a new one. 
This saves time, money and stress for the client, as removing and replacing a crib wall is a lengthy and more costly process that can often be avoided. With this in mind, we recommend following McCarthy & Stone’s example by contacting us as soon as a crib wall on your land begins to show any signs of weakness or instability. This prevents the disruption that occurs when a damaged or unstable wall is left for too long and can’t be repaired. 
Get In Touch 
To find out more about crib wall stabilisation and a wide range of other specialist geotechnical services, please call the team at Condor Engineering on 01757 288900 / 07710 386530 or fill in our contact form. 
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