Condor Engineering Services 

With over twenty years industry experience Condor Engineering continues to provide expertise and reassurance in all areas of concrete repair and we are ranked amongst the world’s leading specialists in drilling blast furnaces for the production of iron. We also use rock bolts to provide structural solutions for unstable rock slopes and we have developed an alternative method of pile cutting to suit seamless, suspended, steel fibre reinforced floors. 

Geotechnical consultants & specialists 

With almost 40 years in construction, Condor Engineering Ltd is one of the UK’s most experienced geotechnical engineering companies. 
Working with a range of geotechnical specialists, Condor Engineering can offer a ‘one-stop’ solution by undertaking geotechnical investigations and designs to provide the most cost-effective solution through to the complete supply, installation and testing. Our experience will allow us to determine the best course of action to stabilise and strengthen any ground conditions. This could any of the techniques listed below including: 
Soil nailing 
Rock anchors 
Mechanical anchors 
Earth anchors 
Mini piles 
Our focus is on getting the job done right first time, all while ensuring value for our customers. With decades of experience in delivering innovative geotechnical engineering solutions across the UK and beyond, we offer a bespoke approach designed around cost, precision, effectiveness, safety and sustainability. 
Condor Engineering has state-of-the-art drilling rigs and extensive in-house engineering capability, allowing bespoke machines to suit each individual situation. 

Mechanical earth anchors 

Condor Engineering specialises in reliable mechanical earth anchors that are designed to the specific needs of each individual project. Unlike many geotechnical engineering companies, we manufacture the anchors ourselves at our workshop facilities in Selby. This enables us to precisely tailor your earth anchors according to the ground conditions and loadings, ensuring that the solution we deliver is entirely bespoke to your requirements. 
Having our own in-house fabrication and welding team allows us to keep our prices highly competitive, plus the ability to hire a company that designs, manufactures, and installs the system makes it a very smooth and efficient process. 

Soil nailing contractors 

Soil nails provide cost-effective short and long-term ground stabilisation for roadway cut excavations, slope stabilisation or retaining wall support. Condor Engineering can manage all elements of soil nailing projects, including design, supply, installation and testing. The process stabilises and adds reinforcement to steep slopes and embankments. They provide an alternative to rock anchors used for stabilising rock slopes. Soil nails ensure security and safety from becoming misshapen or even collapsing, requiring emergency stabilisation. 
The aim is to improve the stability of in-situ mass using large metal bars. The soil nails are usually steel bars grouted into pre-drilled holes in the slope. Soil nails bind the existing slope together. When closely spaced, the soil nails form a block, which acts as a retaining structure. Soil nails cause minimal disturbance to the current pitch, are quick to install and are cheaper than external structural solutions such as retaining walls. Once installed and grouted, 10% of the nails test to ensure they meet their design load following regulatory procedures. 

Rock anchor contractors 

Rock anchoring provides a wide range of long-term solutions for ground stabilisation, stabilising rock slopes, excavations and tunnels. As expert geotechnical consultants, Condor Engineering use standard rock anchors, as well as Spade and Sock anchors to fix a range of issues including extensive weakening and loose ground. 
Nationwide solutions 
Highly experienced team 
Adept in sock anchors, spade anchors and traditional rock anchors 
Rock anchors and the aim of rock anchoring is to improve the stability and safety of a rock slope or excavation using rock anchors made of high tensile steel. The long rock anchors or rock bolts are drilled into the stable rock in the centre of the rock mass, transferring that stability to the exterior surface. Mesh is then mounted to the surface, connecting the rock anchors. Condor Engineering uses both hand-held and rig-mounted equipment to suit the specific situation. It has a range of options for reaching the required depth, and several fixing options from grout to specialist resins. In environments where corrosion is likely, Condor Engineering uses stainless steel or GRP bolts with a design lift of up to 120 years. If you’re looking to stablise a soil slope, you will need our expert soil nailing contractors service. 

Specialist drilling contractors 

A drilling contractor uses a specialist set of drilling rigs or handheld equipment to drill a complex hole or set of holes which can then be used for a multitude of reasons. As one of the UK’s leading rock drilling contractors, we operate a wide range of percussion and rock drilling company equipment, from simple anti-vibration hand held drills or frame-mounted machines to 17 tonne self-contained drilling systems for furnace and anchor drilling. This means we have the ability to complete almost any type of drilling contract, to the highest standard achievable. 
At Condor Engineering we provide rock drilling, diamond drilling and stitch drilling services. Find out more about our full drilling contractor services here. 

Resin injection specialists 

Condor Engineering Ltd have successfully undertaken a number of resin injection projects over the last 20 years. We only use industry proven materials from leading suppliers consisting of epoxy-based resins, aqua-reactive polyurethane resins, acrylic resin grouts and cementitious materials. Condor Engineering will assess and implement the best technique to stop water entering/exiting the structure using pressure injected materials. The following areas that Condor Engineering have successfully used resin injection methods and products to prevent and stop water ingress are: 
Masonry structures 
Brick structures 
Concrete structures 
Steel fabrications 
Basements, shafts, culverts, tunnels, sewers and floor slabs 
Embankments (void filling and vermin control) 
Canal Locks 
Sea Defences 

Specialist pile cutting 

Condor Engineering has developed an alternative method of pile cutting to suit seamless, suspended, steel fibre reinforced floors. Our unique custom-built hydraulic-powered diamond sawing machines are designed to cut through square-section concrete piles of up to 350 x 350 mm and “450mm diameter round piles” and leave a perfectly flat and level surface that will conform to the low +/- 5 mm tolerances demanded by this type of flooring system. 
The design of the machine also allows for use on uneven surfaces, and a unique system of clamps makes preparatory pile cropping unnecessary, saving on both time and costs. 
Pile cutting is commonly used throughout the construction industry from utilities and road maintenance to housing construction. When the cutter device is lowered into the pile, it then works to break away the concrete elements by using specialist hydraulic jaws to cut away the concrete. This helps to make construction projects much more efficient. Pile cutting provides a solution to a traditionally time-consuming task. 


With a number of years experience, Condor Engineering Ltd can offer the additional service of SHOTCRETEING or GUNNITING. 
Shotcreteing is a system for placing concrete, which combines the placement and compaction at the same time due to the force with which it is projected from the nozzle. It can be impacted by any type or shape of the surface, including vertical or overhead areas. 
Condor Engineering, expert geotechnical consultants, have undertaken projects on bridges, tunnels and retaining walls for many clients including local councils and highway departments and can offer both the dry (Gunnite) and wet system. The dry mix method involves placing the dry ingredients into a hopper and then conveying them pneumatically through a hose to the nozzle. The nozzle-man controls the addition of water at the nozzle. The water and the dry mixture is not completely mixed but is completed as the mixture hits the receiving surface. Wet-mix shotcrete involves pumping of prepared concrete (ready-mixed concrete) to the nozzle. Compressed air is introduced at the nozzle to impel the mixture onto the receiving surface. 


Unlike soil nails and rock bolts which act in tension, dowels act purely in shear. Dowels are not stressed and are passive until there is movement in the base material. Dowels are also used extensively to ensure structures are fixed securely to the base material. 
Condor Engineering have completed a number of successful projects ranging from fixing down spillways at the base of dams and reservoirs to pining down flood overflow tanks to prevent groundwater causing the tanks to ‘float’. 
Condor Engineering have a range of specialized and custom-built equipment for access on difficult sites, especially where scaffolding or benching may be impractical or too expensive. Condor Engineering have installed the full range of dowels, from mild steel for cheapness in a temporary situation to GRP and stainless steel bar to increase longevity. The image used shows a drilling rig mounted to skid steel for manoeuvrability. The working area was extremely confined and mobility was critical. Condor Engineering successfully pinning down one of the main overflow tanks for Sheffield using stainless steel fixings. 

Furnace drilling contractors 

Condor Engineering Ltd is now ranked amongst the world’s leading specialists in drilling blast furnaces for the production of iron. With over more than 25 years experience in working on steel making plants around the world, Condor Engineering Ltd can carry out the drilling of holes from 10 mm diameter for the insertion of thermocouples to 300 mm diameter tapholes to 5 metres or deeper. Condor Engineering Ltd is the only remaining UK company and one of the few companies in the world to successfully drill the ‘salamander taps’, a hole drilled remotely upwards from the base of a furnace into the molten iron to allow the furnace to drain. 
With an international reputation, Condor Engineering Ltd has secured contracts for the drilling of blast furnaces around the world, from the UK to Bulgaria and China. With over 25 successful international contracts completed to date, Condor Engineering Ltd has orders for more projects, running up to 2014. 


At Condor Engineering, we have over 30 years experience. With our professional team of geotechnical consultants, we’re able to provide solutions across a wide range of services to the highest standards. 
We are at the forefront of geotechnical engineering companies, benefiting from the latest in technology. We are actively researching and developing new techniques, machinery and methods to ensure we always provide the best results. For more information on why your company should choose Condor Engineering for your next geotechnical engineering project, visit our about us page. 
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