Blenheim Court Stabilisation

Condor Projects were approached to stabilise an embankment which used to be an old quarry in Stamford, Lincolnshire. The site had been proposed to be used for the building of luxury homes.   [...]

Cooper Court, Maldon, Essex

A small crib wall measuring 11m by 2m was in a state of disrepair. Asked to make structurally sound and improve the look by installing a Reno mattress over the front face (150mm deep gabion [...]

Lincoln Castle West Bank Stabilisation

After strengthening the lower retaining wall, Condor Projects have started work on stabilising the slope of the West Bank. This is the critical section of the works and because of difficult [...]

Crib Wall Case Study: Clementine Court

The geotechnical engineers at Condor Projects deliver a wide range of services to clients across the UK. Crib wall stabilisation is a service that’s in particularly high demand, as it prevents a [...]

Higher Yewards Farm

Condor Projects were awarded the contract to stabilise a retaining wall using duck bill anchors and pattress plates by Jacobs Ringways, the work was based on a farm just outside of Macclesfield. [...]

Mechanical Earth Anchors

Condor Projects Mechanical Earth Anchors Over the last 12 months, Condor projects have developed our own custom mechanical anchors that have been used on a number of projects with great success. [...]

Handley Bridge Soil Nailing

Handley Bridge Condor Projects Ltd were awarded the contract to repair and stabilise Handley bridge and it’s four wing walls located a few miles outside Macclesfield. Due to the road being closed [...]

Alton College

Alton College Condor Projects has recently completed a design and build scheme at Alton College in Hampshire. The College had a problem with 2 areas of timber retaining walls 160min length that [...]

Crib Wall Stabilisation at Thornley Leisure Parks

  In December 2019, Condor Projects Ltd was contacted by Thornley Leisure Parks regarding the collapse of a crib retaining wall. The wall had been constructed approximately 10 years ago and [...]

A59 at Kex Gill

  In July 2018 the main contractor, Ringway, working a collapsed wall, called on the expertise and rapid response of Condor Projects Ltd to make access, clean the remained of the wall, mesh [...]

Resin injection at Logic Leeds

The resin injection works at Logic Leeds has been completed. Condor Projects has resin injected over 50 different areas of the existing floor slab which showed signs of being voided from a GPR [...]

Vardon Bridge Wilmslow

Condor projects were awarded the contract to install masonry anchors through the existing bridge arch on Vardon Bridge. This was done by coring the upstream side of the structure using a Turmag [...]

Quarry Garth Murton Cumbria

Condor Projects were commissioned by Hawthorne Estates Ltd to install rock anchors into an old quarry face. The project involved installing 2m long 25mm long rock anchors into an old quarry that [...]

A1 Longbull Ferrybridge

Condor projects were awarded the contract to install 80 rock anchors for PBS Construction Ltd. The project was completed by drilling 40mm diameter holes 2m deep through sandstone. Slow set resin [...]

Jackson’s Civil Engineering

As Christmas approaches, Condor Projects Ltd are working at full speed trying to complete a major soil nailing operation ahead of schedule. Despite many unforeseen ground conditions such as [...]

Spillway and Reservoir Repairs

Work on the reservoir spillways are essential so they can continue to protect the infrastructure from water erosion. Dating from the Victorian era, the joints between the stone sets deteriorate [...]


Ongoing maintenance and restoration of canals British Waterways have an ongoing program of maintenance for existing canals and a restoration program for closed sections of the network. Across a [...]


Following heavy flooding, a section of bank side between the house and the canal had collapsed, undermining the stability of the foundations of the house. As British Waterways own the land, they [...]

East Marton – Highways Department

Condor Projects completed another successful soil nailing contract for the Highways Department at North Yorkshire. Working in a compact area the wall of the road bridge over the Leeds to [...]


These particular Badger setts are a network of tunnels dug into a bank that have made the ground very unstable and with the risk of collapse of the adjacent canal. British Waterways asked Condor [...]


The basin wall having deteriorated into an unworkable condition, Condor Projects were appointed to carried out emergency works. Serious leakage from the canal was causing a wall fear of damage to [...]


On the instruction of British Waterways, Condor Projects were commissioned to rectify serious damage to the Lock chamber wall that had resulted in serious leakage onto a neighbouring Farmers [...]


Condor Projects completed the drilling of the two tap holes at Port Talbot for Tata Steel (Tata) over a two day working period on 30th January 2012. Using the bespoke Tamrock Drilling Rig coupled [...]

Ovington Bridge, County Durham

A two day project to stabilise this important bridge was undertaken by Condor Projects on behalf of Durham County Council using a specialist rig to reinforce the bridge with soil nails. Initially [...]


>Dew construction approached Condor projects to deal with a severe leak to a spilway on Upper Foulbridge reservoir. The Spilway was leaking in a number of places. Water was tracking around the [...]

A40 – Near Glewstone

Falling Rock Protection work for Volker Laser and AMEY. February 2013 – As an alternative to Rock Anchoring and meshing the embankment, Condor has recently installed a Fence protection kit to [...]

Lock 27

Condor Projects was approached by May Gurney and British Waterways to carry out resin injection work on Lock 27 near Worksop, South Yorkshire. The work carried out was to help stop water flowing [...]

M6 Keele

Through December 2012 and January 2013 Condor carried out rock anchor and meshing work to stabilise a bank in one of the busiest areas of the UK motorway network. Instructed by VolkerLaser for [...]

Farnworth Tunnel, Network Rail

Condor Projects successfully carried out and completed an important soil nailing bank stabilisation project in May and June 2015, adjacent to the high profile tunnel works being undertaken at [...]

Reno Mattresses

Condor were commissioned by North Yorkshire County Council to find a design and build emergency solution in relation to a slipped river bank on the River Laver in Laverton near Ripon. Previous [...]

Network Rail, Swindon

A major project was completed in May 2013 for Morgan Sindall in their joint venture with Colas Rail for Network Rail. The three month works involved installation of soil nails and rock anchors to [...]