A crib wall is a sophisticated and highly versatile structure that stops soil escaping from a slope and causing the land to become unstable. As a result, the slope remains resilient and maintains different elevations between sections of land, with surrounding environments ranging from busy motorways to private driveways. 
Crib walls diversify the way land is used, such as facilitating the construction of new roads as well as the application of hillside farming. This makes their ongoing structural integrity crucial to the safety of any people, machinery, property, crops and livestock that access or are permanently based on the site. 


When a crib wall becomes unstable and poses a risk to human safety, the first consideration you may have is for it to be demolished and a new one built in its place. Whilst this is an option, it’s an extremely expensive and time-consuming one, plus it’s far from environmentally friendly. 
Rather than knocking it down and starting again, the geotechnical consultants at Condor Engineering can offer exceptional crib wall stabilisation. Thanks to our first-rate rock anchoring techniques, we’re able to salvage the existing crib wall and return its original strength and reliability to full effect. 
Over the years we’ve stabilised crib walls that have become fragile and dangerous due to age, erosion, vibrations and other forms of distress, so we’re confident that we’ll be able to offer a cost-effective solution that will stand the test of time. 


We work with businesses, land developers, organisations and local authorities across the UK. Ranging from Highways Departments to owners of leisure facilities such as Thornley Parks, there truly is no limit to who we can help through the highest quality of crib wall repair and other ground stabilisation services. 


Crib wall stabilisation really is the best solution, as it can be achieved in a much shorter timeframe than if the crib wall were being replaced. The structure will be fully protected against any factors that can cause looseness and collapse, enabling the premises or land to return to its normal function very quickly. 
Once secured, you have the option to plant shrubs, flowers and other greenery across the surface of the crib wall, resulting in it blending into its natural surroundings. 


We’ve been providing crib wall repairs and a vast array of other specialist geotechnical specialisms up and down the country for decades. We approach each project with the respect, attention to detail and focus it deserves, all while ensuring affordability for our customers. When you choose Condor Engineering, you receive the following features and benefits as standard: 
Emergency or scheduled solutions 
Specialist expertise and equipment capable of working on any project 
All staff are trained to CSCS standard 
Focus on providing first-class value 
We’ve received multiple DTI Innovation Awards in recognition of our ingenuity and expertise 


We’re ready to assess your exact needs and develop a long-term solution that you can rely on. To find out more, get in touch through our contact form or call us at 01757 288900 / 07710 386530. 
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